Pure Arizona Edibles and Concentrates

Pure Edibles Arizona

Pure Edibles & Concentrates is Arizona’s premier state licensed cannabis infusion company. Pure was founded by medical patients that shared a common goal: making more affordable cannabis products accessible to every patient without compromising quality. We use only the finest ingredients and produce all our produces in hand-crafted, small batches. Our products are sold statewide in Arizona medical marijuana dispensaries.

Pure EdiblesWhat We Believe In


From our caramels to our zero-additive vape oil, our products are delicious Plus, our products are made with local ingredients and natural colors and flavors whenever possible.


All our products are tested to ensure consistent cannabinoid content every time. What you see is what you get.


Know your source. Our state of the art extraction and manufacturing process ensures the elimination of residual solvents. All our cannabis is pesticide free.


Our products are and will always remain affordable. We keep overhead low and pass along that value on the patients without sacrificing quality. This allows our Arizona medical marijuana edible products to be competitively priced as low as 25-40% less than our competition.